Our Team

Jamiel Hussian
Chief Marketing Officer

Since Planning did not exist as a department, I was given the responsibility of educating the agency on its merits and its ability to help produce compelling creative.
Solely responsible for developing innovative planning strategies that inspire relevant African American communications for clients including Toyota, General Mills and new business prospects.
Developed the Long-Term strategy to help Toyota emotionalize its QDR heritage (quality, dependability, reliability) amongst African Americans.

Designed the strategic platform that propelled Toyota Camry from #2 to #1 in sales amongst African Americans, helping Toyota gain accolades for its design as well as its quality.
Crafted the vehicle vision that moved Toyota Corolla into the #1 selling sub-compact car position amongst African Americans.
Function as a strategic liaison between account teams, engagement marketing and creatives while delivering a rich understanding of African American consumer aspirations and lifestyles.
Organize and moderate internal Pulse Groups to provide the agency with knowledge about what makes African Americans tick today and into the future.

Responsible for all youth planning initiatives that help the agency define the latest youth trends, attitudes and behaviors.
Coordinated and facilitated a two-day seminar with key youth experts including the media, recording artists, magazine editors, and video directors to identify the segments and issues that make up the youth spectrum.