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Enda sim

Edna Sims

What makes Edna unique is her knack for versatility in successfully exploiting the full spectrum of publicity. Edna can work with hip-hop/rap or gospel artistsŠa major corporation or a new R&B talent. Then turn around and publicize a jazz artist while working a film or playwright.

Edna Sims is knowledgeable and competent in publicizing all forms of entertainment, as well as non-entertainment corporate entities and the political realm.

ESP PR¹s client list read likes a ³Who¹s Who Registry.² Some of their clients have included The Ford Motor Company, The Grammys, athy Hughes, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, MTV Networks, Janet Jackson, Naomi & Wynonna Judd, Sheila E, Twista, Jeff Majors, Jimmy Hendrix¹s Record Company, Dr. Creflo Dollar, QDIII (Quincy Jones¹son), David Talbert, Battlecat, NAACP, Gary Payton, Jimmy Rollins, Oscar nominee Karolyn Ali, ASCAP, Old English 800, Buju Banton and many others.