about us


At 11:24 Design we are a full service entertainment communications agency based in Los Angeles that specializes in developing game changing strategies and creative that compel young African-American consumers to act. We stay ready to do this by keeping our finger on the pulse of the culture and telling the stories the relevant stories that motivate them.

At 11:24, we are a fusion of the most highly charged individuals with the ability to make lasting brand and media connections to African-American consumers. We seek to understand the lifestyle, trends, patterns, purchase behavior as well as the emotional landscape that make up the African-American community. Our diverse team of integrated marketing account managers, strategic planners, social media specialists. media context planners and buyers, creatives, PR, Event and promotion street hit squads, branded entertainment specialists, wireless-viral-interactive experts are providing our clients with the character and style needed to attract the attention of the new multicultural tastemakers, trendsetters, and buzz generators that are a vital part of many of today’s advertising campaigns’ success.

More then just reaching the African-American audience, we strongly believe in creating 3-way dialogue between the consumer-brand-that ultimately leads to effective peer to peer connections. Moving forward, we recognize that African Americans will continue to be important opinion leaders whose heightened sense of style can be tapped into in order to enhance a brand’s social currency and talk value. As students of innovation, we know the power of technology to exponentially speed up the sharing of messages that can add positive heat to a brand.

Art Sim

We believe it takes a special team of creative individuals who have the foresight to design fashionable campaigns that become viral and deliver business-building results. Our success continues due in large part to our reputation for never settling and always leveraging the cultural landscape to make insightful and emotional connections.

At 11:24, we are tirelessly passionate about creating the ‘whoa’ experience that keeps consumers on the edge of their seats and desiring more. When you take a look at what we’ve been doing over the last decade is it clear that we know how to make entertainment the X factor that helps compel consumers who are allergic to generic experiences. Since nothing we do is created in a vacuum, we can create custom consumer discoveries that enable us to live with our consumers, identify their desires and effectively deliver on them.

We are excited and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet, share our credentials and to discuss how we can help to bring your business objectives to fruition.